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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FW: FW: [plz read complete mail if u think i care for u] 10 Commandments



From: Manchukonda, Srikanth
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 11:17 AM
Subject: FW: [plz read complete mail if u think i care for u] 10 Commandments


10 Commandments

1. Do Not Interfere In Others' Business Unless Asked.

Most of us create our own problems by interfering too
often in others' affairs. We do so because somehow we
have convinced ourselves that our way is the best way,
our logic is the perfect logic and those who do not
conform to our thinking must be criticized and steered
to the right direction, our direction. This thinking
denies the existence of individuality and consequently
the existence of God. God has created each one of us
in a unique way. No two human beings can think or act
in exactly the same way. All men or women act the way
they do because God within them prompts them that way.
There is God to look after everything. Why are you
bothered? Mind your own business and you will keep
Your peace.

2. Forgive And Forget.

This is the most powerful aid to peace of mind. We
often develop ill feelings inside our heart for the
person who insults us or harms us. We nurture
grievances. This in turn results in loss of sleep,
development of stomach ulcers, and high blood
pressure. This insult or injury was done once, but
nourishing of grievance goes on forever by constantly
remembering it. Get over this bad habit. Believe in
the justice of God and the doctrine of Karma. Let Him
judge the act of the one who insulted you. Life is too
short to waste in such trifles. Forgive, Forget, and
march on. Love flourishes in giving and forgiving.

3. Do Not Crave For Recognition.

This world is full of selfish people. They seldom
praise anybody without selfish motives. They may
praise you today because you are in power, but no
sooner than you are powerless; they will forget your
achievement and will start finding faults in you. Why
do you wish to kill yourself in striving for their
recognition? Their recognition is not worth the
aggravation. Do your duties ethically and sincerely
and leave the rest to God.

4. Do Not Be Jealous.

We all have experienced how jealousy can disturb our
peace of mind. You know that you work harder than your
colleagues in the office, but sometimes they get
promotions; you do not. You started a business several
years ago, but you are not as successful as your
neighbor whose business is only one year old. There
are several examples like these in everyday life.
Should you be jealous? No. Remember everybody's life
is shaped by his or her previous Karma, which has now
become his destiny. If you are destined to be rich,
nothing in the world can stop you. If you are not so
destined, no one can help you either. Nothing will be
gained by blaming others for your misfortune. Jealousy
will not get you anywhere; it will only take away your
peace of mind.

5. Change Yourself According To The Environment.

If you try to change the environment single-handedly,
the chances are you will fail. Instead, change
yourself to suit your environment. As you do this,
even the environment, which has been unfriendly to
you, will mysteriously change and seem congenial and

6. Endure What Cannot Be Cured.

This is the best way to turn a disadvantage into an
advantage. Every day we face numerous inconveniences,
ailments, irritations, and accidents that are beyond
our control. If we cannot control them or change them,
we must learn to put up with these things. We must
learn to endure them cheerfully thinking, "God wills
it so, so be it." God's plan is beyond our
comprehension. Believe in it and you will gain in
terms of patience, inner strength and will power.

7. Do Not Bite Off More Than You Can Chew.

This maxim needs to be remembered constantly. We often
tend to take more responsibilities than we are capable
of carrying out. This is done to satisfy our ego. Know
your limitations. Why take on additional loads that
may create more worries? You cannot gain peace of mind
by expanding your external activities. Reduce your
material engagements and spend time in prayer,
introspection and meditation. This will reduce those
thoughts in your mind that make you restless.
Uncluttered mind will produce greater peace of mind.

8. Meditate Regularly.

Meditation calms the mind and gets rid of disturbing
thoughts. This is the highest state of peace of mind.
Try and experience it yourself. If you meditate
earnestly for half an hour everyday, your mind will
tend to become peaceful during the remaining
twenty-three and half-hours. Your mind will not be
easily disturbed as it was before. You would benefit
by gradually increasing the period of daily mediation.
You may think that this will interfere with your daily
work. On the contrary, this will increase your
efficiency and you will be able to produce better
results in less time.

9. Never Leave The Mind Vacant.

An empty mind is the devil's workshop. All evil
actions start in the vacant mind. Keep your mind
occupied in something positive, something worthwhile.
Actively follow a hobby. Do something that holds your
interest. You must decide what you value more: money
or peace of mind. Your hobby, like social work or
temple work, may not always earn you more money, but
you will have a sense of fulfillment and achievement.
Even when you are resting physically, occupy yourself
in healthy reading or mental chanting of God's name.

10. Do Not Procrastinate And Never Regret.

Do not waste time in protracted wondering "Should I or
shouldn't I?" Days, weeks, months, and years may be
wasted in that futile mental debating. You can never
plan enough because you can never anticipate all
future happenings. Always remember, God has His own
plan, too for you. Value your time and do the things
that need to be done. It does not matter if you fail
the first time. You can learn from your mistakes and
succeed the next time. Sitting back and worrying will
lead to nothing. Learn from your mistakes, but do not
brood over the past. DO NOT REGRET. Whatever happened
was destined to happen only that way. Take it as the
Will of God. You do not have the power to alter the
course of God's Will. Why cry over spilt milk?


Monday, February 11, 2013

9 Ways to Defeat Stress


Life in the modern workplace is full of stress.


The difference between those who are successful and those who aren't is not whether or not you suffer from stress, but how you deal with it when you do. 


Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. Motivational psychologist and author, 'Succeed' and "Nine Things Successful People Do Differently" has suggested nine scientifically proven strategies for defeating stress whenever it strikes, according to the Huffintonpost. 


Have self-compassion, she says. Self-compassion is, in essence, cutting yourself some slack. It's being willing to look at your mistakes or failures with kindness and understanding -- without harsh criticism or defensiveness. 


A dose of self-compassion when things are at their most difficult can reduce your stress and improve your performance by making it easier for you to learn from your mistake, she suggested. 


Second she suggests people to think about the "big picture" - Thinking big picture about the work you do can be very energizing in the face of stress and challenge, because you are linking one particular, often small action to a greater meaning or purpose. 


So when staying that extra hour at work at the end of an exhausting day is thought of as "helping my career" rather than "answering emails for 60. 


She asks people to rely on routines - Having to make so many decisions is a powerful and pervasive cause of stress. Every time you make a decision-- you create a state of mental tension that is, in fact, stressful. 


The solution is to reduce the number of decisions you need to make, by utilizing routines. Have a routine for preparing for your day in the morning, and packing up to go home at night. Simple routines can dramatically reduce your experience of stress, she said. 


Another simple way is to take five (or 10) minutes to do something you find interesting. She points out to recent research that showed that interest doesn't just keep you going despite fatigue, it actually replenishes your energy. And then that replenished energy flows into whatever you do next. 


Add where and when to your to-do list, she noted. 


Nearly 200 studies, on everything from diet and exercise to negotiation and time management, have shown that deciding in advance when and where you will complete a task can double or triple your chances of actually doing it, she said. 


Halvorson also ask workers to use if-thens for positive self-talk. Recent studies show that if-then plans can help us to control our emotional responses to situations in which we feel fear, sadness, fatigue, self-doubt, or even disgust. 


Simply decide what kind of response you would like to have instead of feeling stress, and make a plan that links your desired response to the situations that tend to raise your blood pressure, she asserted. 


Workers should see their work in terms of progress, not perfection, according to Halvorson. 


When you think about what you are doing in terms of learning and improving, accepting that you may make some mistakes along the way, you experience far less stress, and you stay motivated despite the setbacks that might occur, she said. 


Or think about the progress that you've already made - It can be enormously helpful to take a moment and reflect on what you've accomplished so far before turning your attention to the challenges that remain ahead, she stated. 


Know whether optimism or defensive pessimism works for you, she said. 


Some people think of their jobs as opportunities for achievement and accomplishment- they have what psychologists call a promotion focus. 


For others, doing a job well is about security, about not losing the positions they've worked so hard for. This prevention focus places the emphasis on avoiding danger, fulfilling responsibilities, and doing what feel you ought to do, she said. 


Promotion motivation feels like eagerness- the desire to really go for it- and this eagerness is sustained and enhanced by optimism. Believing that everything is going to work out great is essential for promotion-focused performance, she explained. 


Prevention motivation, on the other hand, feels like vigilance- the need to keep danger at bay -- and it is sustained not by optimism, but by a kind of defensive pessimism. In other words, the prevention-minded actually work best when they think about what might go wrong, and what they can do to keep that from happening, she added.


Monday, December 17, 2012

FW: How True!


NEVER share your secrets with ANYONE"
               This can be self-destructive.
NEVER tell your problems to ANYONE"
               20% don't care, and
               80% are glad that you have them !!

               Life is similar to Boxing game..
               Defeat is NOT declared when you fall down;
               It is declared when you refuse to "Get "!

               Somotimes WRONG persons teach RIGHT LESSONS

             Everything is valuable only at 2 times:
               1.    Before getting it; and
        2.    After losing it !!

              Two things bring happiness & success in life:
               1.    The way you MANAGE when you have nothing, and
           2.    The way you BEHAVE when you have everything !

           Two places are MOST VALUABLE in the world:
               1.    The NICEST place is to be in someone's Thoughts, and
      2.    The SAFEST place is to be in someone's Prayers.

               One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone
is to beat him at politeness.

               Keep your face to the Sun,
               And you will not see the shadow!

               A Deaf child says: “For all of you, I am deaf;
               But for me, all of you are dumb"â€�
               Moral: Life differs in each perspective.  Live the way you want to.

            Attitude at its best:
               My BACK is not a VOICE MAIL..
               Kindly say on my FACE.

               Ego is the only requirement to destroy any relationship.
               Be a bigger person; skip the “Eâ€�, and let it “goâ€�..!!

               One good thing about Egoists:
               They don't talk about other people!

Do you know why God didn't give us the gift to read
others' minds?
               So that,
               We could have the chance to “TRUSTâ€�,
               And privilege to be “TRUSTEDâ€�!

               As long as we don't forgive people who have hurt us,
               They occupy a RENT-FREE SPACE IN OUR MIND

We have solutions to all the problems,
               When they are not ours !!!

               I asked God: “If everything is already written in
Destiny, then WHY should I pray?�
               God smiled and said: “I have also written- CONDITIONS APPLY"â€�!!!

               Empty pockets teach millions of things in life"
               But full pockets spoil us in million ways !!!
          Getting angry is punishing yourself for the mistakes of others!

               Trust is like a STICKER.
               Once it is removed, it may stick again,
               But NOT as strong as it holds when you first applied it..!
               Always take care of relations.

               Everything about the future is uncertain,
               But one thing is sure:
               God has already arranged all our tomorrows"
               We just have to TRUST HIM TODAY !!

       NEVER win people with Arguments, rather defeat with your Smile!
               Because people who always wish to Argue with you, cannot bear your Silence !!!

               The search for happiness is one of the main source of unhappiness.

Diplomacy is an art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that
               they tend to ask you for directions..!!

If a drop of water falls on a Lake, its identity is lost;
               If it falls on Lotus leaf, it shines like a Pearl.
               Drop is the same; but the company matters.

Our HOPES should be like Hair & Nails.
               No matter how many times they get cut,
               But they never stop growing.

If you walk the way guided by humans, you will find hopeless end;
               & if you walk the way guided by God, you will find endless hope.

Memories are always special"
               Sometimes we laugh by remembering the days we cried;
               And we cry by remembering the days we laughed"!!!
               That's Life!

           Sea is common for all"
               Some take pearls,
               Some take fishes,
               Some come out just with wet legs!
               World is common to all; what we get, is what we try for!

Life is very complicated"
               When you have standards, people call it ATTITUDE;
               When you are simple, people try to CHEAT you; &
               When you cheat others, people call you SMART!

               To smile without condition,
               To walk without intention,
               To give without reason, &
               To care without expectation,
               Are the beauties of any Relation!

      All communication problems are because
               We don't listen to understand;
               We listen to reply!!!

'There are many languages on earth, Smile speaks them all.' Keep Smiling ☺
Someone who Cares you to Smile.- 


Thursday, October 4, 2012


A teacher from Primary School asks her students to write an essay about what they would like God to do for them… At the end of the day, while marking the essays, she read one that made her very emotional.


Her husband, who had just walked in, saw her crying and asked her:- ‘What happened?’

She answered- ‘Read this. It is one of my students’ essay.’


‘Oh God, tonight I ask you something very special :

Make me into a television. I want to take its place and live like the TV in my house.

Have my own special place, And have my family around ME.

To be taken seriously when I talk….

I want to be the center of attention and be heard without interruptions or questions.

I want to receive the same special care that the TV receives even when it is not working.

Have the company of my dad when he arrives home from work, even when he is tired.

And I want my mom to want me when she is sad and upset, instead of ignoring me…

And… I want my brothers to fight to be with me…

I want to feel that family just leaves everything aside, every now and then, just to spend some time with me.

And last but not least, ensure that I can make them all happy and entertain them…

Lord I don’t ask you for much… I just want to live like a TV.’


At that moment the husband said :- ‘My God, poor kid. What horrible parents!’


The wife looked up at him and said:- ‘That essay is our son’s !!!’

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fwd: FW: How to avoid Computer Eye Strain

Ever spent more than two consecutive hours looking at a computer screen? Us too. Computers can make us more productive, but the bad news is that too much screen time can also lead to something called computer vision syndrome (CVS). Recognizable as that tired, strained feeling your eyes get after a day in front of a computer screen, CVS affects some 64% to 90% of office workers.
The condition likely doesn't cause permanent eye damage, but it can still affect computer users' comfort. The most common symptoms of CVS include eye strain, redness, irritation or dryness, a burning feeling in the eyes, blurred or double vision after computer use, headaches and neck and shoulder pain.
Several factors increase the likelihood of CVS, including uncorrected vision problems, dry eyes, glares on the screen, poor lighting, poor posture and even the angle of the monitor. Another big factor is incorrect prescriptions: almost 71% of people reporting symptoms of CVS wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.
If computer screens are proving a pain in your eyes, here are some guidelines to help ease symptoms:
Have your eyes checked regularly. If you need a new or changed prescription but don't have it, using a computer will be difficult, period.
Reposition the computer. The screen should be about an arm's length away and positioned directly in front of your face, not off to the side. Position the monitor so its center is 4 to 8 in. below your eyes, which allows the neck to relax while you read and type.
Follow guidelines for good posture. It'll reduce strain on the back, neck and shoulders.
Ensure proper lighting. Try the visor test to determine if current lighting is a problem: look at the monitor and cup your hands over your eyes like a baseball cap. If your eyes immediately feel better, then the lighting should be changed. Experiment with brighter and dimmer lighting, as well as the angle of the lights, to find what's most comfortable for your eyes.
Reduce glare. Installing anti-glare filters on the monitor, adjusting window shades and changing the screen's contrast and brightness can help reduce glare and reflections.
Blink frequently. It should prevent dry eyes. If that doesn't work, consider using lubricating eye drops. Also make sure air vents aren't blowing on your face (this can dry out the eyes), and use a humidifier if the room is super dry.
Take regular work breaks. Stand, stretch or just look off into the distance, away from the computer, every 15 minutes or so to give the eyes a break.
Clean the monitor regularly. Dust can decrease screen sharpness, making the eyes work harder.
Try computer glasses. Unlike everyday eye wear, they're designed specifically for looking at computer screens.
Consider optometric vision therapy. Some computer users have issues with eye focusing or coordination that aren't corrected by glasses or contacts. Vision therapy consists of doctor-prescribed activities designed to improve visual functioning (think of it as a workout for the eyes — though no guarantees as to calorie burn).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[joke] Confidence on Quality

20 executives board an airplane and are told that the flight that they are about to take is the first-ever to feature pilotless technology: It is an uncrewed aircraft.

Each one of the CEOs is then told, privately, that their company's software is running the aircraft's automatic pilot system. 19 of the CEOs promptly leave the aircraft, each offering a different type of excuse.

One CEO alone remains on board the jet, seeming very calm indeed.Asked why he is so confident in this first uncrewed flight, he replies: "If it's the same software that runs my company's IT systems, this plane won't even take off."

Monday, May 28, 2012

FW: Snippet of life

Thought of sharing the below message that I forwarded to the meditation group at office, please also read the lines below the pic.




You must have got this forward but please rethink on the lines below after you have read the message.





 Let's share as many positive & innovative thoughts as possible that we originate each day. At least one new thought during the meditation time. J


Let's give peace (peace of mind) to at least 1 soul in Office each day.


Let's not wait for the right time and date to start doing something Good, instead let's start to meditate, or read something that nourishes the soul now.


Let's wait for the time to help my family with the house hold work, enjoy making your house beautiful each day, do something different, try to live in a heavenly home J


Let's attend  some 3hrs of satsang once a month the way we plan for a movie or at least 30 minutes of meditation once every weekend


Contribute your bit to some godly services, directly or indirectly in your own capacity, with your own free will, you will see the satisfaction of doing something for GOD. J